Tender, PQQ & Bid Writing, Cheshire based working Nationally

There are too many companies that miss out on the opportunities to win contracts from the public and private sector due to their lack of understanding about the whole process of bid writing including: PQQ, tenders and the numerous compliance documents and policies. It seems just too complicated to try! 

Innovas Business, as part of the Innovas group, has been successfully tendering to the Public and Private Sector since 2006 and we are able to ensure that your business has a good chance of winning contracts by writing good quality tender submissions.

Getting Tender Ready

Innovas Business will work very closely with your company and will get to know all of your strengths, experience and expertise. As well as helping you to write your PQQ and tender, we can also help your business become more tender-ready by helping you to prepare the relevant compliant policies you will need. Once these policies and procedures are in place, they form a library of company documentation which can be used for many other tenders and proposals.

Completing Your Tender

Completing a tender can be a very long process and can be very time-consuming. At Innovas Business, we not only provide you with all of the resources you need to compete, but we also remain on hand to answer any queries or concerns you may have throughout the whole process. We do not just write the tender, hand it over, and let you get on with it!

Review and Analysis

We also offer a review and analysis service where we can provide you with feedback on your final version before sending it to the Public or Private Sector.

Support in Presentations

If you are short-listed you may well be invited to make a presentation. Building on our experience we can help you put together a targeted professional presentation and coach you in how to present. We have even come along on some presentations as part of our client’s team to help them win!

Our Approach

Joint Meeting

Joint meeting to analyse the exact requirement of the Tender / PQQ


Assessment of your company's strengths, experience and expertise


Preparation of all compliant documents, policies etc

Write and Finalise

Write and finalise full Tender/PQQ along with presentations and branding

You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Talk to us and let Innovas Business help you by ensuring you can bid and compete by being compliant, competitive and creative in your tenders to the public and private sector.